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        Davrian Developments Ltd Davrian

        1965 to 1983 

        The Davrian started life as a fibreglass and plywood prototype of designer Adrian Evans. Based around Hillman Imp mechanical components the Davrian was rear engined (although attempts where made to make it mid-engined) and eventually of fibreglass monocoque construction. 

        The Davrian was one of the early adopters of the fibreglass monocoque. Strengthened with foam where necessary it proved immensly strong. Evans firmly had an eye on competition for the Davrian and this is where it made its mark, proving more than capable. 

        Production of the Davrian went through from 1967 to 1983 and was updated 8 times to produce the Mk 8. Kits started out at 275 in 1967 and several hundred were sold over the years. Ultimately the company went into receivership and production ceased in 1983. 


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        Davrian - Davrian Developments Ltd. Mk 5 Davrian 1050cc


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